Pre-ordering and crowd funding music platform.
Pre-ordering and crowd funding music platform.
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About DNR Music

DNR Music is a pre-ordering & crowdfunding platform which has been created by artists for artists and their fans. 

At DNR Music, we aim to assist musicians and artists in finding the right resources to create their art and it is our priority that all who access our services at DNR Music, feel safe and able to present their hard work without compromise.

Our passion for music is equaled only by our commitment to quality and all of the projects undertaken by DNR Music will be delivered to a standard that the artists, the fans and ourselves will be proud of.

For Artists

Regardless of whether this is your first independent release or the next chapter of an already established career in the music industry, we at DNR Music are committed to our manifesto, which holds quality, satisfaction and transparency at its fore.

As artists ourselves, we have suffered at the mercy of other unscrupulous crowdfunding platforms who have preached their commitment to music, the artist and the fans, yet have failed to deliver on their well preached mission statements.

However, what makes DNR Music fundamentally different to many of our peers is that we are dedicated to empowering the artists we work with.  We only associate ourselves with projects that we feel passionate about and we recognise and respect the relationship between the artists and their fans, prioritising the service that they receive.

We can provide the artists with whatever level of support they may require, be that crowdfunding and pre-ordering for a project that has already been manufactured and is ready for release, or with a more holistic approach, utilising our network of trusted colleagues to assist in the realisation of the project. 

These include:

  • CD glass master manufacturing
  • HQ sleeve/booklet/book printing
  • Design
  • Journalism and writing
  • Club promotions

For more information on our project costs, please click here:

For Fans

We have started DNR Music as fans ourselves, and we share your passion and love for music.  As fans, we are fully aware of how disappointing it is when orders are not delivered, or arrive without the care and attention that they deserve. 

For DNR Music, transparency and communication are key in maintaining your trust and honoring this is our priority. 

We fully respect our position as a connector between you and the artists and we give our word that honoring the trust you put in DNR Music to deliver the products offered by the artists will always take precedence for us

You can rest assured that any products that you receive through DNR Music, will come to you with the full input and approval from the artists themselves, as well as DNR Music.

DNR Music will never sell user data to third parties and we will zealously defend the privacy rights and personal data of the people who use our service, including in our dealings with government entities.